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I've enable private repo access on Github but still can't see an organization's repos.

Check the organization's 3rd party access restrictions and approve Coveralls. More info here:


I've signed up for a paid account but my organization collaborators can't access the private repos.

Have them refresh their repos here: https://coveralls.io/refresh?private=true

I see random commits on my Travis-pro private repo.

Make sure you have "service_name: travis-pro" in your .coveralls.yml.

Travis uses non-unique job id's between its free and pro services, so when Coveralls doesn't know that your service-name is Travis-pro, it looks up the info for those job ids using the free Travis API -- that's why they will show random committers, etc. The opposite cannot happen with the proper credentials, so you don't need to worry that your data is leaking out. Once your ENV var is set to specify travis-pro, the correct info will be pulled from Travis's pro API.

I can't add repos from an organization of which I'm a member.

If your membership of an organization is not publicized (your username isn't listed on the organization's Github page), Coveralls can't see it either, so you'll need to upgrade your OAuth scope to private here:


I can't see the repo's token.

You need to have admin permissions on Github for the repo in order to access/regenerate its token on Coveralls.

If you do and our data is out of sync, please re-sync your repos here: https://coveralls.io/refresh

Does Coveralls support parallel builds

Yes, we do in fact support parallel builds! To configure your repo, please check out the Parallel Builds doc https://coveralls.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203484329

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    Jens Peter Secher

    It would be nice with an answer to "What can I do about 'SOURCE NOT AVAILABLE'?". I cannot find any documentation for how to make that setup, only a comment about "...repo root directory needs to be updated."

    Do I need to create a ".coveralls.yml" file in the repo, and if so, what should it contiain?

    Or do I need some special configuration of my TravisCI, other than the
    "... | ./node_modules/coveralls/bin/coveralls.js"

    Thanks in advance!

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    Jens Peter Secher

    SOLVED: You seem to have made some changes so that it is now possible to set a git repo prefix path the we web UI. Thanks!

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