About Coveralls

Coveralls is a web service to help you track your code coverage over time, and ensure that all your new code is fully covered.

There is but one prerequisite:

  • Your code must be hosted on GitHub

The Coveralls service is language-agnostic and CI-agnostic, but we haven't yet built easy solutions for all the possibilities as far as repo hosting. Creating an account is fast and easy, just click the "Sign in with Github" button and authorize Coveralls to access your repos - no forms to fill out.

The Easy Way

We have everything you need ready to go if your project is:

If that sounds like you, take a look at our guides:

Ruby / Rails






The Hard Way

If you aren't using a CI for your project, or it isn't written in Ruby, you can still use Coveralls through our API.

We're working to make solutions for other platforms easier going forward.

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